Senior Citizen Care

The Importance of Senior Citizen Care

The importance of reliable medical care for senior citizens cannot be underestimated. Adults who are age 65 years or older can be more susceptible to illness or injury, making it essential to have access to a doctor who can provide prompt care when needed. Seeing a doctor regularly for routine checkups and preventative care is also beneficial for maintaining optimal health. At Burrows Family Practice in Glendora, our experienced physician, Dr. Oliver Burrows, is committed to providing quality senior citizen care.

Preventative Care Services for Seniors

At our family practice clinic, we provide medical care for acute illnesses and injuries that require immediate attention. We also help patients manage various chronic conditions and their symptoms, such as arthritis or diabetes. Additionally, we conduct yearly physicals and various health screenings to help identify potential health concerns as early as possible before they have a chance to progress and cause serious health problems.

One of the best ways to prevent health issues is through preventative care. Preventative care involves regular checkups and exams with our skilled doctor to promote your optimal health. Seeing the doctor regularly makes it possible to diagnose new health concerns as early as possible. For example, a routine blood test screening could reveal an increased risk for cardiovascular disease. Identifying potential health problems early on allows for treatment to begin promptly. The sooner treatment begins, the easier it is to get the problem under control.

At our office in Glendora, CA, we provide a wide range of preventative care services for senior citizens. Services include annual physicals, mammograms for women, blood test screening, and more. Blood tests are helpful for indicating when someone is at an increased risk for a heart attack, stroke, or problems with the arteries. Blood tests can also provide information about diabetes, certain types of cancer, and nutritional deficiencies, such as an iron deficiency.

We are committed to helping senior citizens maintain optimal health. We accomplish this by treating acute problems, helping with the management of chronic conditions and their symptoms, and providing preventative care. 

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Burrows for any reason, call Burrows Family Practice at (626) 483-3348.

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