Same-Day Appointments

Advantages of Same-Day Appointments

When you need to see a doctor, sometimes the earliest available appointment is several days away. At Burrows Family Practice, we understand the importance of being able to receive care sooner. We offer same-day appointments to better suit your schedule and your needs. Whether you are due for a yearly physical or are feeling under the weather, same-day appointments are available with our skilled physician, Dr. Oliver Burrows.

Types of Same-Day Appointments

At our office, same-day appointments can be made for a wide range of heath care needs. We can fit you in promptly when you have come down with a cold, the flu, or another illness. Same-day appointments are also available when you need assistance managing the symptoms of a chronic condition, such as arthritis or diabetes. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Yearly physicals
  • Blood test screening
  • Preventative medicine
  • Mammograms
  • Senior care

Benefits of Same-Day Appointments

There are numerous benefits to having the option of scheduling an appointment for the same day on which you called. When you are not feeling well, seeing the doctor right away means you can receive the care you need to begin recovering and feeling better sooner. Additionally, you might be more likely to see the doctor if you can be seen right away. When your appointment is several days or weeks away, something else could come up with work or family that might conflict with your appointment, causing you to cancel.

Being able to get an appointment for the same day you need it also means you can avoid an unnecessary trip to an urgent care clinic or emergency room for a non-emergency situation, such as a minor injury. A same-day appointment can save you time and money since urgent care and emergency services can be costly and involve extensive waiting times.

Another advantage of same-day medical appointments is that you can be seen when you know your insurance coverage is still valid. When you have to wait several weeks for an appointment, such as a yearly physical exam, unexpected work or life changes could result in loss of insurance coverage. A same-day appointment makes it possible for you to receive essential care when you know it will be covered by your medical insurance.

Same-day appointments offer many advantages and can play an essential role in helping you maintain optimal health. If you need to schedule a same-day appointment with Dr. Burrows, call Burrows Family Practice at (626) 483-3348.

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